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Car maintenance is not always natural to all car owners and it can be difficult to figure out what is a sign of trouble and what is just a normal variation in the way that your car operates and runs. When it come to the prospect of needing brake repairs, this can be a confusing situation for many car owners. After all, many people attribute issues when driving or slowing to a stop with outside factors such road conditions, tires, and surface quality of the roads they are on. Here at Hippensteel Auto, we have ASE Certified technicians that can help you get your brakes repaired when you need it. All you need to know is when your car is trying to show you that you need such repairs.

Squeaks and Squeals When You Hit Your Brakes

When you put your foot down on the brake pedal, you should essentially hear nothing coming from underneath your car. The experience should be smooth and quiet. As such, when you have brakes that begin squeaking and squealing when you try to hit the brakes, you know that you have a looming issue.

The squeaking you experience is not anything that should make you panic. In fact, it is an alert system that is a part of your brake system to let you know to take your car in to a mechanic soon. The sound is an indicator that you need to change your brake pads because they are nearly worn down.

The brake pads, of course, keep the moving metal parts of your brakes from rubbing together causing extensive damage. If you hear the squealing, give Hippensteel Auto a call and schedule your appointment as soon as it is convenient.

Crunching When You Brake

If you do not hear your brakes squeak when your brake pads are beginning to wear down, your brakes may instead begin to crunch. This crunching is a sound as well as a sensation you will experience as you hit your brakes.

When your brakes crunch, the situation is a little more serious than it was when your brakes were squealing. The crunching is a sign that the metal components of your brakes are grinding together and wearing one another down. This can cause brake failure as well as other issues with your car as a whole. If you hear and/or feel crunching, you will want to call us at Hippensteel Auto immediately for services to your car to prevent accidents and damage.

With these signs of brake problems in mind, you can be sure that you contact the Napa Auto Center of Hippensteel Auto when you need assistance. Our services are AAA Approved so that you can get keep your car running safely and smoothly here in Newville, PA.

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