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When it comes to taking care of your car, you should think about it as if it were a living person where every system works together to keep it running. The engine is like your car's heart, and without proper care and maintenance, your car could suffer from early heart failure.

Get to know some of the signs that your engine needs repairs so you can get your car in to Hippensteel Auto in Newville as soon as possible. Hippensteel Auto is a NAPA Auto Care Center and has ASE Certified Technicians ready to help you with all your engine needs so you get the best possible service for your vehicle.

Knocking Sounds

If your engine is making knocking sounds like a constant tapping on a door or window, you could have a valve that needs tightening or replacing or your engine may be out of oil.

No oil in your engine means there is no lubrication and the metal components are grinding. This can cause catastrophic engine failure if you continue to drive without addressing the issue.

A problem valve will need to be replaced, of course. However, valves can malfunction because of larger issues that need to be addressed as well. This means Hippensteel Auto will need to perform diagnostic checks on the engine as a whole to ensure you don't have further problems in the near future.

Engine Chugging and Stalling

Another common engine issue that requires repairs is engine chugging and stalling. When your engine is chugging it can feel like it is tugging or sputtering when you are trying to idle or accelerate as you drive around in Newville.

The chugging can have to do with too little or too much oil, or could mean your fuel filter needs to be changed. It could also be a sign of more extensive engine and transmission problems that could lead to serious damage if you continue to drive your car without getting it checked.

If your engine stalls as well as chugs (or just stalls on its own) while you are idling or driving, you could also have an electrical problem, a loose connector to your battery, or trouble with the connection between your transmission and your engine that need to be looked at by Hippensteel Auto in Newville.

If you experience any of these issues or your check engine light is on (no matter how your car is running), you should stop on by Hippensteel Auto in Newville for engine repairs as soon as possible. Our ASE Certified Technicians will get you back on the road as soon as possible.

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